Jingle Bell Juke Box

Donations are completely up to you! It took me about  7 hours of filming/editing to create this video so anything you can give helps a lot!

Down Below you can find instructions on how to download/save your own copy of the video.

You can use the following link to share with Friends & Family. – https://mediazilla.com/fp1bg3fm6

If you hover over the top right of the video there will be options on how to share the video as well.

You can back up all of my videos to your own FREE Mediazilla account.  This is something I always recommend doing.  If you hover over the top right of the video a cloud icon should appear.  Here you can either download the video to your own computer or you can click Add to My Library. This will automatically make a copy of the video into your own MediaZilla Account!

Where is my DVD?! A little information about Digital Delivery.

Jingle Bell Juke Box was filmed and edited in 4k. There are a few reasons why I deliver videos digitally.

 1. It’s future proof! 10 or 30 years down the line you will still be able to watch this video.

It’s a lot higher quality than DVDs. The video above is 3840 x 2160 pixels while DVDs are 720×480 pixels.

It’s easy to share with friends and family! All they need is the video link. After that, they can stream it to their TV using devices like Google Chromecast or Apple TV.