Same Day Edit

Everything you need to know about Same Day Edits!

“What is a Same Day Edit?”

A Same Day Edit is a 3 to 5 minute highlight video shot, edited and screened during the reception for you and all of your guests to see.  SDEs are definitely one of our favorite things to do and seeing everyone’s reaction is definitely one of the most rewarding parts of our job!

“Soo.. How is that even possible?”

It’s all about organization and team work.  Unlike our standard packages each Same Day Edit comes with 2 videographers and an editor.  From the moment we step into the venue until the moment we show the video, we are constantly filming and editing the footage at the same time. It’s honestly my version of skydiving.  Each and every Same Day Edit has been a huge rush that has the most rewarding feeling once finished. .

“So how much does it cost..”

We actually do Same Day Edits at a huge discount.  Considering the amount of hours we give and the extra equipment we provide.   It’s almost crazy not to book one! Like I’ve said a million times.  It’s honestly one of my most favorite things to do and I would love to have the chance to do one every single weekend.  


While we’ve never had this problem, we recognize that we don’t have complete control over everything that happens during your wedding day. If something prevents us from finishing the video that day.  We will give you a partial refund and deliver your highlight video the very next day.  

“What do you need from us for a Same Day Edit?”

We just need a small room with a power outlet!  Besides that, being walking distance from the action is all we need.  


We actually provide everything you need! From the projector to the screen, which is 10ft wide by the way! Audio is taken care of as well.  We have DJ quality speakers that we bring just for the showing.  Everything will be set up and taken down within 10 minutes of the scheduled screening.

“How is the quality compared to your Highlight Videos?”

It is exactly the same Quality!  If anything it might be slightly better.  Having an editor check every single shot gives us the opportunity to make sure every image is filmed perfectly.