A few simple tips to make the morning of your wedding look amazing!

Great, so you hired the best Photographer / Videographer in the world! You’re already 75% there to having amazing memories you will cherish for a lifetime. Here’s a few things you can do during the getting ready portion of your day, which will help make your wedding photos and video look amazing!

1. Let there be light! Natural light that is.

No matter how talented your cinematographer is, they won’t be able to turn an orange lit room into amazing footage. Most make-up artists normally position you in front of the first mirror they can find. Which unfortunately is normally located in your bathroom where those florescent light bulbs rule the land!

bad-light - Copy  Natural-Light - Copy

Up above are a couple examples of exactly what I’m talking about. Natural light does make a huge difference. When your videographer asks you to turn off all of the lights TRUST them. Your skin, hair, make-up, and even the room will look 100% better. Just position that make-up chair next to any window and you’re set!

2. Buy a hanger for your dress.

hanger - Copy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a bride spend hundreds to thousands on a wedding dress and not buy a nice hanger to match. Every bride loves the dress shot and the easiest way to help make that one photograph look even more amazing is a simple hanger. You can find tons of custom hangers online at websites such as Etsy. Also for all of the Maid of Honors out there, this makes for a great gift as well!

3. Robes make amazing gifts for your bridal party!


This one isn’t 100% necessary, but I personally think it helps makes your video / pictures look amazing. You can either have everyone wake up at 8 am and do their hair and make-up in miss-matched PJs. Or you can give every single one of your loving Brides Maids a silky smooth comfortable robe and a glass of champagne.

Well that’s it! If you’re just going to remember one item from this post please remember Natural Light makes everyone happier and better looking. It’s honestly the cheapest way to make your wedding day look amazing.

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