Austin Wedding Videographer

About Us

Based in Austin, Texas, ILC Films is a talented team of cinematographers. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, we kind of form an oddball group of unlikely videographers. That doesn’t mean we don’t know what we are doing, though!  We would love to be your Austin wedding videographer.
About Us

Same Day Edits

SDE’s are by and large one of our favorite things to do. We actually are one of the only Austin based videographers that provide this service.  Seeing everyone’s reaction is definitely one of the most rewarding parts of our job!  We throw out the red carpet for our Same Day Edits and always try to make it an experience of a life time. Click below to learn more.
Same Day Edits

Commercial / Corporate

We dabble in non-wedding related videos as well! We’ve worked with clients such as Ferrari, Creative Recreation and Scala just to name a few.  Come check out some of our work using the link below.

  • Here I am…weeping again…as I watch my wedding video. Let’s hope Don can’t see how many times someone watches from a iPhone because that’s just embarrassing. You can’t blame me though, it’s just THAT good!

    When we went through the checklist of what to have/not have we did the usual (photographer, cake, etc) but I said no to video. I couldn’t imagine spending time watching my wedding video plus I’m the person who hides my face in the pillows during the scenes in romantic comedies when the nice guy gets kicked below the belt so I felt like all I’d do is want to skip past the parts of me. Turns out, I look great on camera (well thanks to some special editing!).

    While this may seem like something you can pass on, DON’T. Read More…

  • Like most brides, I almost dismissed the idea of a videographer, but after countless friends telling me that hiring one was the best wedding investments, I quickly went searching. I knew exactly what I wanted. It’s very typical in the Philippines to have videographer produce a Same Day Edit film, and I knew most of my friends had never experienced a film being shown at the reception. After a short search, I fell in love with Don and his team’s cinematography. From their creative shots to their edits, I knew ILC Films was meant for me. 

  • I knew that the top two things that I cared about most were my videographer and my photographer, so I asked some friends that are professional photographers (that were invited to the wedding as guests) for suggestions, and eventually, I got referred to ILC Films. To be honest, I was hesitant at first. While the portfolio seemed to contain amazing videos with great shots/moments/quality, I really care about musicality of the video and fitting the scenes to the beat/rhythm of the background song. After speaking to Don, I decided to go for it and am SO happy with my decision.